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Kristy Athens’ experiences in the Columbia River Gorge inspired her to write a guide for moving from the city to the country.

Kristy Athens creates unique collages using literary ephemera, blending snarky, clever, and odd elements from outdated books.

Yes, you can join the Time to Write! group on Facebook to set aside creative time for yourself, regardless of the activity.

The video, Bacon & Whiskey, offers a glimpse into Kristy Athens’ farm life and unintentionally features a brand of bourbon.

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Discover the essence of country living through our book, Get Your Pitchfork On! Find tools and tips to make the move from the city to the countryside.

Become a part of our creative community by joining Time to Write! on Facebook. Set aside time for yourself to explore your creativity, whether it’s writing or any other form of expression.

Experience the world of snarky and clever text-based collages. Dive into the quirky and unique relationships between images and texts from old books, brought to life in a creative way.

Get to know Kristy Athens better by watching the ‘Bacon & Whiskey’ video essay. Join her and her husband on their farm journey, filled with insights, humor, and a touch of bourbon.