Finding Solace on the K&M Wellness Retreat

In the fall of 2002, a friend named Jane received a devastating blow. Her husband, Keith, had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer, and the doctor had given him a grim prognosis of only five years to live. Initially, the news seemed laughable, as they were in their early thirties, and such a dire outlook felt improbable for a healthy, active man with two young daughters, Claire and Amelia. However, as the reality of Keith’s condition sank in, the laughter faded, and they were forced to confront a harsh truth.

The family embarked on an arduous journey, with Keith undergoing intense treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and skin grafts. They left no stone unturned, seeking help from oncologists, and surgeons at the renowned Mayo Clinic, and even exploring alternative therapies such as nutritionists, spiritual healers, and a naturopathic physician specializing in cancer patients, with treatments like coffee enemas.

A Refuge During Trying Times

In 2003, while Keith was in the midst of his battle, the author and her husband, Mike, purchased a farm in the picturesque Columbia River Gorge. Recognizing the tranquil setting’s potential to offer respite, they invited Keith and Jane, hoping the K&M Wellness Retreat would provide a sanctuary during this challenging time. Unfortunately, Keith’s condition prevented him from visiting, and tragically, he passed away just eighteen months after his diagnosis, defying the initial five-year prognosis.

The loss devastated Jane and her daughters sought solace at the K&M Wellness Retreat. The farm provided a serene escape, with the children exploring the fields, and woods, and interacting with the chickens. Claire learned to whistle, while Amelia delighted in pushing wheat stalks through the chicken enclosure’s fence, watching the birds scramble for the kernels. Jane found peace in the stunning mountain views, and they planted a pear tree alongside some of Keith’s ashes, creating a lasting memorial.

A New Beginning

Five years later, in 2008, Jane, now remarried to Scott, returned to the farm with their extended family. The children embraced the farm’s offerings, from playing guitar to exploring the strawberry patch. Claire and Megan, Scott’s daughter, strummed Mike’s guitar, while Amelia reacquainted herself with the chickens. Morgan, Scott’s other daughter, enjoyed the swing chairs in the garden house, and baby Joanna charted her course, ensuring the strawberry patch was part of her adventurous route.

Once again, Jane and Scott found solace in the breathtaking mountain vistas, while the farm provided a sanctuary for their blended family. The K&M Wellness Retreat had come full circle, serving as a haven during one of life’s most challenging periods and later becoming a cherished gathering place for a family rebuilt after unimaginable loss, offering healing and new beginnings.

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